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Information for first time visitors of Coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

first visitors Coffeeshops, Coffeeshop Smokerdam Amsterdam Oud-Zuid

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam are not the typical pups or coffee shops. In fact, these are the places where people go to buy cannabis. These coffeeshops are known for what they sell.


If you are planning to visit a coffee shop in Amsterdam, you should know what to foresee and what not to foresee there. Here we will give you the needed information that will help you to have an amazing experience there. These tips are needed for all first time visitors.


Coffee Shops in Amsterdam are not Pups.

When you visit Amsterdam and the coffeeshops for the first time usually you get confused by this concept. You should know that it is a selling place of cannabis products. These coffeeshops do not sell alcohol. In Holland it is a rule that you can only sell one of the two in a place – cannabis products or alcohol.


Check the menu and ask your questions.

Each coffee shop offers a menu to their clients. These menu’s have a list of all the cannabis provided in the shop. You should go through the menu accurately and only then make a decision to order anything. If you do not have the  knowledge about the products that are offered, then you should ask the personnel. Don’t make the error of ordering anything just because the name sounds comic or interesting. Ask the personnel to advise what is suitable for you. Buy the Quantity that you need. Most first time visitors make the mistake buying a lot of cannabis. Know that the cannabis products provided in Amsterdam coffeeshops are more powerful. Therefore, think about the quantity of the product you need before ordering it.

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