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8 Best Cannabis Storage Tips

weed storage tips from Coffeeshop Smokerdam in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid

Here are the 8 Best Cannabis Storage Tips for each stoner. Since marijuana is organic, it will decay over time, particularly if it is exposed to the elements. Properly storing cannabis is important. So, how do you do it?

As organic matter, cannabis decomposes. You can avoid this from happening as long as you store it properly. In reality, marijuana is just like wine: if you store it correctly, it will slowly become more potent and tasty over time. Here are 10 ideas to help you get the right cannabis storage:

1. Keep It Dark

All cannabis storage must take place in the dark. Light will quickly degrade your harvest. Choose a place where very little light can get there, ideally none.


2. Keep It Dry

If there is moisture in your weed when you store it, mold will grow and destroy it. Make sure you dry it properly before putting marijuana in storage. Stash it in a dry place free of damp and mold.


3. Store It Airtight

Do not let any oxygen in the vicinity of your marijuana. Oxygen induces decomposition. Anything you put in the glass is going to stay fresh for a long time. Using glass jars with lids that are airtight. Or you could choose to vacuum and seal your weed.


4. Store It Cool

Warmth can denature trichomes, stimulate bacterial growth, and severely reduce quality. Keep your stash away from any kind of sun. Place in a drawer, a closet or a cabinet.


5. Keep It Whole

Do not break your buds down for marijuana storage. Keep your buds as big as you can. Breaking them into smaller pieces would accelerate decay and ruin precious THC crystals.


6. Leave It Untouched

Do not touch any of your weeds during storage. You 're going to destroy trichomes and lose THC and cannabinoids. Keep your stash untouched before you're ready to use it.


7. Burp It

It is important that you "burp" during the storage of cannabis. During curing, you should do this daily. Do it only on a monthly basis during storage. Open the jar for 10 minutes to let the air go. Close it and put it back when done.


8. Keep It Unfrozen

Freezing works if you are storing cannabis for years, but almost nobody stores stash for that long. Avoid freezing unless you are. Defrosting decreases the quality. If it's kept cool, it'll stay fresh for at least two years.


While it can sound difficult, it's actually very easy to store marijuana. Keep it dry, cool, and airtight in a safe and discreet location. Burp it once a month, and do not handle it unless you have to.

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