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Ketama and Hash

Ketama is the traditional name of Issaguen, a village in the Taza-Alhucemas-Tauna region of North Morocco called Rif. At the foot of Jebel Tidighine Mountain (2.457 m), in the Rif Mountain Range, there is one of the largest and most exuberant cannabis plantations in the world.

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Cannabis in Lebanon

As an incredibly versatile plant species, cannabis offers a variety of possibilities all over the world.
Cannabis has quite a few possible applications and experiences around this plant can vary greatly.
This stems from the different cultures where cannabis is important and the different strains developed in different countries. This versatile plant has an extensive history in Lebanon.

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8 Best Cannabis Storage Tips

Here are the 8 Best Cannabis Storage Tips for each stoner. Since marijuana is organic, it will decay over time, particularly if it is exposed to the elements. Properly storing cannabis is important. So, how do you do it?

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5 ways to stay productive while high

There is an assumption that cannabis slows you down and makes you lethargic. It doesn't have to, and can be a great aid to getting things done. Here are some tips for staying productive while high.

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Effect van de corona maatregelen op cannabisgebruik

Het Trimbos instituut heeft met behulp van een online enquête in april  dit jaar het gebruik van hasj en wiet onderzocht. In die eerste weken is ruim 2 van de 5 cannabisgebruikers meer gaan blowen. Slechts een klein deel is minder gaan gebruiken.

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2 Olympic champions and weed

Not everyone who smokes weed ends up glued to the couch for their favorite TV show.         Although Cannabis is no longer on the list of banned substances, athletes are still not allowed to use cannabis on the day of the competition. The WADA (World Anti Doping Code) has decided to make some changes regarding the use of cannabis.

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Information for first time visitors of Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam are not the typical pups or coffee shops. In fact, these are the places where people go to buy cannabis. These coffeeshops are known for what they sell.

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