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Welcome to Smokerdam

Your friendly neighbourhood coffeeshop in Amsterdam.


about us

For more than 20 years, it has been our passion and mission to bring you the best cannabis products  and provide professional advice.

Together with our friendly and professional team, we stand for the best quality with a low price and a customer-oriented way of working.



Our current menu can be found in the coffeeshop. We thus adhere to the AHOJG criteria.

The Netherlands has a tolerance policy. The tolerance policy means that the Netherlands tolerates the sale of hashish and weed under a number of strict conditions. Despite the fact that the Opium Act criminalizes the production, possession and sale of cannabis. The conditions of tolerance are expressed in a number of criteria. A coffeeshop that does not comply with these rules risks (temporary) closure and often a fine. 

The letters in the abbreviation AHOJG stand for the conditions that cannabis companies must meet in order to function within the tolerance policy.

A - no poster; a coffeeshop does not advertise the company or the products;
H - no hard drugs; no hard drugs/alcohol may be present and/or sold;
O - no nuisance; nuisance can be understood as parking nuisance around the coffee shops,                noise pollution, pollution and/or customers hanging around in front of or near the coffeeshop;
J - no minors; no sales to and no access to young people under the age of 18;
G - no large quantities; no more than 5 grams are sold per customer per day.


Coffeeshop Smokerdam

Vechtstraat 63H

1079 JA Amsterdam

T: 020 661 1514

E :

Monday - Saturday:   08:00 - 00:00

Sunday:                            09:00 - 00:00

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